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Thunderstorms and Lightning

I must admit being on the 9th floor has it's perks here. Right now in the distance there is a thunderstorm in N. Melbourne and there was a flash of lightning and it was so cool! Like one of those scenes you see on on ken duncan's photography. It's friggin' awesome! Let's just hope that the storm comes over this way.

Survived the first week of uni and it was quite painful. Not the content persay but the 6 hours of continuous lecturing with an hour break in between. By midday, brain is completely fried. Reminds me of being back at high school or college, but worse. At least with normal uni hours, it is very much broken up, but this is just one huge block. I think many people in my class share the same sentiments as by the end of the day, everyone I talked to was frazzled. Today the tram system was a little stuffed as trying to get home required me and another classmate to walk in the blistering 38 degree + sun. Not sure what was going on with them this afternoon, but it wasn't very nice.

BTW, happy Chinese New Year to people! Apparently it occurs on Sunday, but I am never sure these days because different people celebrate it at different times of the month. I think I will take __happy__ out on Sunday and visit the local Chinatown. Operation Red Flag is also at the local IMAX, so maybe we'll go see that sometime. It's some pilot biography.

Hope all is well peoples!
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Timetables & Learners

Well, it is coming to the end of the week and I have my timetables for the semester and looks like the weekend of the F1 I will be able to make it Thursday afternoon at around 1215 and won't be able to make it Friday and Saturday and Sunday is definately game on. And Kimi is going to kick-ass!! Yes, he is with Ferrari, but at least he now has a reasonably reliable car!!!

So yeah, I had my first practical today and the trip to uni was something I never want to do again.  I decided today that I would try a later tram and my gosh that was a BIG mistake!  The later trams were absolutely brimming with people and it didn't help that it was getting to be 35 degrees by 8.30am. Other than that uni today was a great revision.  It's great finally filling in all the gaps I had no idea about when I was working. I also got my first assignment today and looking over it, the reality has sunk in that I am back at uni. GAH!

But enough of me, what about things that have happened today. Well, it was a long day although poor __happy__ had an even longer day and the poor thing is sick!  His forums are also back online. In case people are wondering, here is his address for the forums:

Hehe! Just watching the street down below and a car was trying to make a u-turn over the tram tracks and people got antsy and started beeping horns. Me thinks it may be a learner, which brings me to another point. psuedoskribe and necromage, since you are learning how to drive, when you come and visit me, you must spend at least sometime watching the learners from the RTA across the road take on heavy oncoming traffic, cops and trams all at once. It was quite an interesting night last Saturday evening because the cops were doing RBTs just outside the apartment block and it was a fairly busy night and the learners were out in force from the local RTA. One of the L-Drivers were so hesistant that they almost crashed into the cop car on the kerb!

And wolfwarrior, the down side about living in the city is that there are tonnes of speed cameras with no warning signs and Lygon is crawling with traffic cops. So no getting booked, since I warned you well in advanced! For the past three nights I have seen an active police car at the intersection outside my block.
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Yay! I am connected...

WOOHOO! I am on the internet! I am connected to the world! I am finally able to update LJ and reply to my emails! Just to keep people in the loop, the last two entries were back dated, so now all is up to date and ready to begin the university year.

Here I be in, right now, blistering hot Melbourne. It was about 33 degress today and tomorrow it's going to be the same! GAH! I do not take well to heat at all. Anyway, uni will be starting officially tomorrow, with clinics starting next week.  Admittedly, I have been spending a little money trying to get some basic amenities sorted out such as lamps, bulbs and sink plugs. Do you know how hard it is to get a sink plug these days?? Searched like three stores before I found a reasonably sized one in the IGA downstairs. And on a completely random note, an ambulance has passed the street downstairs three times today and the fire brigade was here earlier checking out suspicious smoke. For a moment I thought it was my apartment that was giving off the strange smell when I walked out of the lift and saw three beefy firemen walking down the stairs leading to the 9th floor, but it just ended up being someone on the lower floors and it stunk out the entire elevator shaft.

Today was much catching up on teenage soapies. Watching a bit of Smallville here, some Roswell there...sigh, all of that seemed such a long time ago. It hasn't really sunk in that I am in Melbourne for the long haul, but I am sure once all is in full swing I will be saying different. Dinner tonight was also interesting. Basically, there was a limited number of supplies in the kitchen, so I ended up making a chicken, cheese and rocket lettuce baked sandwich. Gotta' love sandwich all I have to do is prepare something for tomorrow lunch.

Anyways, hope all is well with you where ever people are and I hope lyore is looking forward to her European holiday with kasneeze. I better get some postcards damn it! 

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Loads of stuff to fit in...

So today is Saturday and I've finally moved into College accommodation on the 9th floor. Must admit that the view could be disturbing to some, as half of it look over a cemetery but other than that eerie fact, it's quite good. Very cool breeze passes by and the traffic noise is limited when the window is closed and the swimming pool complex can be seen from the living room window. And there is a blimp in the horizon. Just looking out the window, I've just realised how green this city is.

And the blimp is coming in for a landing....and it's a Holden blimp too.

Now, where was I... oh, the intersection where I am facing below is notorious for "people doing silly things in cars" so it's pretty funny to see all the road rules being broken in a single turn. On a completely different note, moving into the apartment was an interesting mix of luggage trolleys, exploding microwaves and faulty towel racks.  Not to mention a shower door that's handle is put in the wrong way around. SIGH!  Have to love the handiwork of some people. Anyway, the luggage trolley move was like four luggage trolleys.  I didn't realise how much crap I had in my bag until I got down here. Tim brought his computer and stuff down and his room looks absolutely bare compared to mine. I had no idea how many audiology texts I had acculmulated, but once I cleared them off my desk, my room actually looked almost as sparse as Tim's. Of course, being female clutter is part of the "musts" list, what with my wardrobe being reasonably filled and having no space to put all the facial cosmetics and what not in the bathroom.

Whenever you move into any new apartment block, there is always a list of things that have to be noted down so you won't get nabbed by maintenance to pay for something you didn't do when you move out. Well, as it turns out, the bathroom cupboard had an entire panel and door missing, the towel rack was coming off the wall and the shower door was stuggling to fit as well as the handle being reversed. Other things, other than the bathroom were that the blinds pulley in Tim's room had snapped, the microwave that explodes (that was fun) and a wobbly chair. There were also a few other things, but those were probably the major ones.

BTW go_the_brumbies, that THING is sitting as a token book end at the far end of my desk. Haven't put batteries in it, since I am scared at what the consequences of my actions will be. Hope all is well in Canberra!

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Ahh...Melbourne, the city of delights I am in the four seasons city of Australia.  I would like to thank everyone for chipping in on the photo album. I really appreciate the amount of time and effort that has gone into it, especially over the last week!  I showed it to __happy__ and he thought it was very cool.  I also showed him the "AHEM" and he just shook his head.

Yesterday was interesting.  I still have to get used to the Melbourne campus being so incredibly small compared to ANU. Very weird when everything is so compact. Remember the days where we had to walk from Baldessin to Physics to Law, wolfwarrior and kasneeze? It took about 5-10 mins. Well, to get from Admin to Engineering to Medicine in Melbourne, it takes a 2 minute quadrangle and walkway. Either they laid out this university really well (which they probably did) or ANU campus is alot bigger than I thought. It was really amazing to get all my academic, textbooks and admin stuff done within an hour.  I was very much impressed. Last night, finally met up with __happy__ and went out for dinner. We had a very nice toufu dish, with dried chilli beef and chicken hot pot. T'was very nice.

Currently, it is 23 degrees and brilliantly sunny here and after a day of walking up and down the streets of this vibrant city, my feet are sore, my eyes are tired and I now have a rice cooker and travel iron. Why? Because I am not talented enough to boil rice in a saucepan and even though an ironing board sounds tempting, it's a small apartment. So I got one of those small-ish travel irons with an ironing mat that was sold to me by a civil engineering student. I also got my hair cut (yes, I know again) and this time it's short enough for me to just wash'n go. The lady who was doing it actually knew what she was doing and was able to take alot of the bulk out of my hair and make it look pretty.

What was interesting today though was that an Asian lady came up to us and she couldn't speak a word of English and she started speaking Mandarin in a REALLY thick accent and mum and me both could not understand her.  I couldn't because I'm no Mandarin speaker by a long stretch and mum couldn't because she spoke Cantonese. It was really funny because when she spoke Mandarin to mum, mum spoke back in Cantonese and they both had really blank looks!  It was funny. In the end, we understood what she meant and so directed her to the electronics sectionin broken Mandarin, English and Cantonese. SIGH! If only I learnt to speak and not write...

Anyway, tomorrow is the big day and just looking at my enrolment record it looks like there's a lot of things I'll be studying. I'm looking at some of the textbooks and two of them are like 1st year physics books!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying themselves in their new jobs or just having fun!
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A new dumping ground for my creative...something

Hey Everyone!

For those who know how bored I get, I have in fact created an LJ community that will serve as a dumping ground for not only my creative abilities *cough*, but also if people feel the need, they can post and share things there as well. You will need to sign up as members if you want to post on there though. So here's the link: A Demiurgic Illusion.

So I was just reading updates from people in the last month and in three simple acronyms....WTF?? Man I have so totally been out of the loop. People have been clubbing, swimming... when did all this happen?  Should really keep in touch more often via LJ... sorry guys, that's totally my fault.
But thanks to all who came last night for the poolside/dinner party/barbeque.  Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and it was really great catching up with you all before I left.  I know I will probably be seeing most of you again before I leave Wednesday morning, but know that your presence at the party was muchly appreciated by me.  I think the last time I had a poolside party was when I was 14...

So yeah a new year's resolution for me should be to keep in touch with people.  Now to the long arduous process of knowing what to pack for a 'four seasons in one day' city.
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Universities are SO very inefficient....

The most frustrating thing about universities is that they are terribly ineffcient and notorious for leaving things until the absolute last minute... much to the inconvienience of students who are waiting for confirmation on where they were to be heading the next academic year... Am I talking about the fact that I haven't heard a word from either university I have applied for? YES... and I am getting mightly frustrated.  I bet you all comes to a grinding halt tomorrow...

Anyway, for people who I have not seen, if I do not see you before xmas then HAVE a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR...  I shall update this LJ a little later once I have gotten over my annoyance at adminstration departments of both universities and F1 organisers... I still have not recieved word of 3 EXPENSIVE tickets and I am getting worried, as well as annoyed at the fact that I haven't got them before xmas... Grrr...

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So yeah... it's almost xmas

And my is it going to be crowded over the next two weeks. Luckily, all the xmas shopping is done and now I can veg til my hearts delight. I am kinda of nervous about my uni applications for 2007 though. I wonder what's going to happen. Dendy cinemas are opening up this week and gues what? It has waited on tables during the movie if you wanted to. Very fancy indeed!

In other news, I got a pretty funky town birthday present on the weekend. It's for my future accommodations interstate. Can any one guess? Huh? Huh?
It's an LCD/TV monitor... yep, you got can act as a computer monitor or TV (if plugged into an antenna)and thus saves much needed space if I am living on some campus accommodation. Hehe... much fun has already been had with trying to get it to tune into the local TV stations. So far, a house is in the way of good reception, so I am hoping that in the middle of a metropolitan city will not cause too many issues.

Hope to see you all tonight at Central Cafe!
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Whart two zoo?

Well, I just called the people who have had my laptop charger for the last 2 weeks and they have just told me that their stock has not been replenished in the last few weeks, so it would another 4-5 days before they can get new stock and give me damn charger back! Note to self: never buy a laptop from a non-local company or a company that hasn't been established in Canberra for more than 10 years. Very annoyed and peeved that I have been hogging happy's lappy charger for the past few weeks.

In other news, for the next week I will be on my own at work trying to multi-task and do all sorts of things without trying to stuff things up.  I have also come to the conclusion that when I am away interstate, I will probably use my other account at, so as to keep that active and so I can post photos more easily.  I will let people know what will happen about that at a future date.

I find it  amazing how the phone here know when the receptionist is away.  It doesn't ring alot, although I will probably choke on those words later on in the week when people begin to realise that it is no longer a weekend and that it is actually a working day. I must say, alot of the old people who come in here are really sweet, but it's those annoying people who think you owe them a living just because you are 50 years their junior. I think that's what I find most frustrating about this job.

Anyhoo, better get back to it....
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Disneyland Adventure - The new ride "Graduation"

Yeah, so the whole updating LJ thing ain't really working out as I thought.  Who would have known how much stuff one could accumulate in 5 years of uni study?  I have an entire cupboard full of lecture notes and textbooks which by the end of the week I plan to have it either all burnt, sold or at least down to 50%.

Anyway, today is and was the day I graduated officially from the ANU System. WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!  I'm so excited!!!!!  kasneeze was there and so were a few people I thought graduated already.  But it's great to finally see the official end to this part of education.  Spend $25K over 5.5 years (or more), get decked out in a gown you can't keep and recieve a piece of paper that comes rolled up in a hollow cannister that gets framed for an extra $90.  Great to know and see that the system of bueracracy works in "our" favour. 

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In other news, going to see pirates next tuesday, going back to work tomorrow, mum's heading off to S'pore for 2 weeks and I have graduation photos. Must show them to people before I forget about them and also show them the wanky, but cool koala bear (expensive as it may be).  I think I mentioned I'm planning on starting the whole fiction writing thing again, although I have lost touch with normal books lately.

On the 18th, it will be exactly one year since __happy__ and myself became a couple and exactly one year, one day since we were in Sydney drinking at the Lowenbrau and other outlets on The Rocks, Sydney, and exactly one year since __happy__ and I had our first official date, with me in a hospital bed from a head injury caused by an ADFA boy.

Other than all this mentioned above, it still hasn't hit me that I am no longer a student and I am now going to watch some Dr. Who?  One final note, imagine this joke with a Chinese accent (like the one on Team America, if you have seen it)

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In words of __happy__... *SIGH*</font>
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